Helping North Korean Students Share Learning with Technology

Some random brainstorming

We recently received emails from North Koreans asking for help in developing overseas study opportunities by setting up regular university exchanges. While the opportunity to go overseas is itself a valuable experience that can aid the professional development of young North Koreans, we believe the use of technology can help increase the learning value of these programs.

North Koreans have been very adept at using Gchat, Skype, Facebook, Gmail and other technology tools to communicate when abroad. North Koreans abroad need a support network able to empathize with their difficulties in adapting to foreign cultures. They also can benefit from tools that will allow them to share their learning and experiences with counterparts in other country. One way to do this is to use such communication technologies to allow North Korean students abroad to keep in touch with one another. This can be held in conjunction with in-Pyongyang pre-programs to help participants get to know each other before they depart for their separate destinations.