New Team Member - Luke Hutchison

I am glad to have the opportunity to present the latest addition to our team. As mentioned, we hope to deliver our programs by centering it on OCW materials. Luke Hutchison is a great addition to our team and will help lead our efforts in this area. A very talented person, Luke hails from New Zealand, speaks Korean fluently and studies Computer Science and Computational Biology as a doctoral student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Its only fitting that we have someone from the source of OCW to lead our work in this area!

Luke Hutchison grew up in New Zealand and is currently completing a PhD in computer science and computational biology at MIT in collaboration with Harvard Medical School. He is conducting research into cell division and tissue differentiation in C. elegans. He speaks both Korean and Chinese and has traveled within both North Korea and China to better understand the North Korean way of thinking and to gain insights into North Korea's relationship with China. He has been interested in helping improve the lives of North Korean citizens for over a decade, and is excited at the possibilities that Choson Exchange presents for improving the quality of education in NK and for promoting international goodwill.