Delivering Low-Cost Education Through OpenCourseWare


Our strategy is to incorporate a higher level of technology into our training model. A big development in higher education is a move towards OpenCourseWare - lecturers put videos, syllabus and notes online for anyone else to peruse. Yale and MIT have been big proponents of this.

Most of our costs come from flying in suitable lecturers from their home countries to Beijing. It would save us a lot of costs if we can pipe in lectures on certain topics, chosen by our lecturers, and have the lecturers come in at various points to discuss the materials, answer questions and interact with students. Since language will be an issue, we can also provide language assistance on-site for students trying to understand OCW materials. At the end of the course, we can use exams to screen students for future support.

This is something which we can design our current programs around. Kim Il Sung University has a new computer center and this could be a possible home to such an idea.