New Fancy Coffeeshop

There is a new chic cafe for Pyongyangers to enjoy.

An espresso cost just over 4 US dollars, while that foul corn syrup nectar, Coca-Cola, was 5 dollars. Pat Bing Su, a shaved ice and red bean summer treat that is popular in all Koreas was almost 10 US, though large enough to share. Green tea lattes are also available for those who think that milk and green tea have too long been kept apart.

The menu also features waffles – called ‘bread sweets’, ice cream and cocktails, some with saucy names such as ‘coconut kiss’ and more innocent sounding names, such as ‘happy birthday’.

The lobby leading to the café also features a truly remarkable picture. So remarkable, in fact, that there is a security officer whose sole station appears to be to prevent people taking snapshots of it. You’ll have to visit to see it, though overall this place can’t be recommended over a visit to the aforementioned Pyongyang Hotel Coffeeshop, still the best game in town.