An Open Letter to Yonhap News

Dear Yonhap, Please do not take statements I've made in written articles, rewrite them, put quotation marks around them and act as if you've interviewed me. I took journalism classes in university. This was under the chapter: "Not Acceptable".

"I have used the account for personal transactions for 20 years but Barclays terminated it without giving proper explanation," he said. 

The facts are not incorrect, but I wouldn't have said 'proper explanation'.

When you wrote:

British banking giant Barclays terminated his account with them without prior notice

That is incorrect. When they tell you they are closing your account, that is 'prior notice'. They say, "we're going to close this account." Then they do it.

I'd like to close these remarks with an interview I've just made up:

Andray: "So, do you feel bad about making stuff up?"

Yonhap: "No, it's fine."

Andray: "I see. Have a nice week."

That is all.