Trump Meets Kim in Singapore

So it is announced...President Donald Trump will meet Marshal Kim Jong Un in Singapore on June 12. We are looking forward to hosting a viewing party of this event on June 12 and a discussion of North Korea's economic policies and evolution over the last decade of our work prior to the date. We hope both sides manage to compromise to create a breakthrough in their relations. We also salute Moon Jae In's skillful diplomacy in creating this moment.

We have brought over 100 North Koreans to our home base Singapore to learn about entrepreneurship and economic policy. This visit by senior leaders of North Korea will be incredibly helpful in giving an impression of Singapore's development. This will in turn create more interest in overseas programs in Singapore, and we hope to be able to host more Koreans in the future. Our most recently workshop in Pyongyang, currently ongoing, has seen a record 130 participants take part.

For more on our work, do visit our annual reports page, consider joining us in North Korea, or read about some of our past programs in Singapore in the Washington Post.

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