Results from June Meetings & Consultations in Pyongyang

We recently completed another round of consultations in Pyongyang and met with the following institutions:

Joint Venture & Investment Commission


1. Confirmed upcoming training program in August 2. Confirmed on-site Pyongyang-based consultant who will be stationed at JVIC for a month in September 3. Confirmed upcoming overseas policy training to be conducted jointly with planning commission 4. Confirmed upcoming overseas program to be attended by senior JVIC leadership 5. Conducted comprehensive discussion of North Korean investment law and its practice 6. Confirmed cooperation agreement

Foreign Trade Bank

1. Confirmed upcoming training program in August 2. Confirmed cooperation agreement

Embassy Meetings

1. Met with ambassadors and embassy staff at three foreign diplomatic representations for briefings and to discuss joint projects


1. Kim Il Sung University Law School – Consulted professors to understand how legal training is conducted and how law is practiced in reality 2. Pyongyang University of Science & Technology – Consulted professors to understand progress of programs and how we can assist in joint projects