New Addition to Risk Management/Economist Team


We would like to welcome our latest addition to the team as we expand our Risk Management/Economist workshop leader team in preparation for programs in July, August, September and October in Pyongyang and elsewhere. We appreciate Gregory Levin for his valuable time and expertise that he will contribute to our mission.

Greg's Bio:

Greg is an Asia country risk analyst and economist for a major U.S.-based financial institution. In recent years, he worked in various roles related to foreign exchange trading and market analysis for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as well as a major economic advisory firm in New York City. He previously helped co-start a firm to attract investment into Chinese infrastructure projects in Shanghai. Greg has a masters in international economic policy from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). He also attended Nanjing University for a one-year certificate program in Mandarin Chinese, and received his B.A. in Chinese Studies from Connecticut College.