Banking & Finance Resource for North Korean Students & Professionals

Photo courtesy of the Korea Economic Institute. Compiled by Greg Levine Economist at a major global commercial and investment bank

Photo courtesy of the Korea Economic Institute. Compiled by Greg Levine Economist at a major global commercial and investment bank

The following is a resource guide on learning about the banking sector which we compiled for North Korean students studying overseas as well as for our in-country programs.

Issue of bank assets and asset management

The Bank for International Settlements has an excellent website for free research on developments in bank asset management. (

Some good papers of possible interest:

"Sound credit risk assessment and valuation for loans" (

"Supervisory guidance for assessing banks’ financial instrument fair value practices" (

The Euromoney website offers some good information on many of these topics as well. (

A summary "How to" guide on bank liquidity management.


The NY Federal Reserve has a very good website with dozens of topics related to banking, supervision, and asset management. (

Their report on foreign exchange risk management might be good for banks with extensive foreign exchange exposure.

- "Management of Operational Risk in Foreign Exchange" (

Issue and trade of stocks, asset investment, securitization, fundraising and management

Investopedia is a good investor site. They have good basic articles on trading stocks, characteristics of the market, and other assets. (

Their "investing basics" article has a good overview that links to many other articles:

Types of bank loans, collaterals and guarantees

Very basic background on bank loan types. (

A short introduction on defining bank debt. (

[this topic can get complex, but the Federal Reserve site has some articles on this as well; let me know if you have any questions]

Law and regulations concerning bank management

The Federal Reserve publishes regulations on bank services based on U.S. law. This site is huge but can be useful if you have a detailed question in mind. (

Accounting principles concerning bank and its financial statement

Basic accounting information and overview can be found at a free online accounting textbook. (

Issuing of banking cards and its settlement system

A good background on credit cards and settlement systems: ( )

For more details on settlement systems and developments, you can reference the BIS website:

"Principles for financial market infrastructures - consultative report" (

Bonds trading on international financial market

Wikipedia has a good overview of the bond market here: (

For details, try Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA). The SIFMA site is excellent and provides data as well as reports and educational material.

Their page on bond markets might be very useful for you:

A few more sites you might be interested in ...

McKinsey & Co. offers an interesting background on Asia banking opportunities. Membership to the site is free, and they provide regular emailed reports on industries if you sign up for them.

Their recent article on "Asia's $1 trillion infrastructure opportunity" gives some basic infrastructure / financing principles along with some of the opportunities being looked at these days in Asia.