Summary of 2010 Programs


Core Programs

Workshops in Pyongyang covering economics strategy, financial sector policy and trade finance for Kim Il Sung University, State Development Bank, Daesong and Koryo Bank

Delivered customized business and economics articles to selected Ministries & North Korean partners

Provided internships in Europe in a legal firm and a business consulting firm for North Korean student

Non-Core Programs

Delivered report on development of economic institutions we interacted with to Choson Exchange partners and advisors

8 Presentations at universities and conferences

Briefings to interested parties and partners to Choson Exchange

OpenCourseWare and Wikibooks were showcased at the Pyongyang International Science & Trade Book Fair - Chairman of the Supreme People’s Assembly arranged for us to meet the President of Kim Chaek University to share materials

Brief Financial Statement

Our team contributed US$126,000 of pro bono work in 2010.* In addition, volunteers and team members contributed a total of US$22,500 in cash donations for logistical expenses and course materials.

*Based on income forgone while working on Choson Exchange work