Delivering Customized Economics/Business Materials to DPRK

As part of our effort to reach out and inform audiences in the DPRK on the latest thinking on economics policy and business, we are distributing a reader in the DPRK with the following articles. Instead of shipping books to the DPRK, we focus on creating customized materials to be delivered to individual DPRKeans through our contact visiting the Ministry of Light Industry. Improving the Business Environment

1. Doing Business 2010, World Bank 2. Improving Performance at State-Owned Enterprises, McKinsey Quarterly

Managing Foreign Direct Investment

3. Making Foreign Investment Work for China, McKinsey Quarterly 4. Development Finance Report 2009 - Outlook on Foreign Direct Investment, The World Bank

Commercial & Corporate Finance

5. Basel III and Risky Banking, Knowledge@Wharton 6. ABC’s IPO Underscores the ABC of Banking in China, Knowledge@Wharton


7. Can China Compete on IT Services, McKinsey Quarterly

Infrastructure Development

8. Private Sector Investment Opportunities for Public Infrastructure, McKinsey Quarterly