Post-Lecture Brief on North Korea's Economy/Business Environment

This is our report from our lecture series on Finance and Economic Strategy in Pyongyang. It captures things we learn that will enable us to provide better training, and helps to inform readers on North Korea's business and economic environment. Highlights are below. Need and demand for skills upgrading | Lecturers agreed that there is a strong need for training as participants' financial knowledge and skills, with a few exceptions, are shallow. This is also reinforced by our survey findings. More importantly, participants expressed strong interest in further training programs, which is not always the case in North Korea.

Managing Knowledge-Based Economies & FDI of key interest | Based on discussions with participants, knowledge-based economies and the management of FDI inflows are of great interest to our audience.

Newly-formed economic institution non-operational as yet | An institution meant to play a key role in economic development and was formed in recent years have not yet become operational.