Revised Itinerary for September Meetings

Sep 9Arriving at Pyongyang Discussion on the itinerary - Status of other requested meetings Sep 10 Visit to Kim Il Sung University and meeting with the professors of Financial College and Law College of Kim Il Sung University. Sep 11 Grand People’s Study House & Other Usual Touristy Stuff (Optional) Preparation for following week Sep 12 Morning: Kumsusan Memorial Palace Afternoon: Korean Central Art Museum Night : Walking along the street of Pyongyang. Sep 13 Morning: Opening Ceremony of 7th PISTBF Afternoon: Meeting and lecture at Korea Daesong Bank Evening: Welcome Party for the Participants of 7th PISTBF **During the meeting and lecture at Daesong Bank, Mr, Calvin Chua is to have a meeting with Paektusan Academy of Architecture and students may visit Kim Hyong Jik University of Education. Sep 14 Meeting and lectures at Korea Daesong Bank Meeting with Korea Writers’ Union Meeting with Ministry of Education Sep 15. Morning: Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies Afternoon: Closing Ceremony of 7th PISTBF Pyongyang Middle School No.1 Sep 16 Returning by train or by air

- Daesong will provide the training space. Audience will be a mixed group of professionals, academics and government officials.