Google Streetview Pyongyang-Style

step back in time

Slightly over a year ago, a fellow Singaporean who does visually spectacular work taking 360-degree panoramic photos contacted me asking if we could arrange for him to conduct similar work in North Korea. As we were at that time an all-volunteer team holding down full-time jobs while running our workshops in North Korea on the side, we were unable to help him. Also, the project was outside the scope of what we usually do.

However, the Singaporean, Aram Pan, went ahead and made this vision reality. The outcome is a set of visually interesting panoramic shots of various scenic spots in North Korea. You are able to explore places by spinning around at a point, and even hop onto other spots where Aram has captured images. Do check out his 360-degree photos at

Some of the shots that were particularly interesting to me:

Kalma Beach – we were just there recently to run a workshop focused on provincial participants

Yaksu Mineral Water Bottling Factory – Here at Choson Exchange, we are crazy about this fizzy water

Kumgang Resort – While we have yet to visit this place, we have had people managing the project take part in some of our workshops