Join us for the inaugural DPRK Economic Forum!

Since our establishment in 2010, the team at Choson Exchange has witnessed many changes in the DPRK’s business and economic environment. Each change brings with it a unique set of challenges and opportunities, and our workshops are constantly refurbished to adequately respond to them. The successful conclusion of the Pyongsong Startup Festival in November last year affirms our experimental approach, and we hope to further leverage on its success with our upcoming DPRK Economic Forum in April.

Held between 20th to 27th April, the DPRK Economic Forum is a multi-sector platform that covers a broad range of economic and business topics. We envision the event as a gathering of diverse sectors that will foster rich discussions in business and economic policy innovation, as well as an ideal space for inter and intra-sector networking. This, together with an audience comprising leaders in business, policymaking, research and academia,  represents a further expansion in the scale and scope of our initiatives.


        The DPRK Economic Forum comes at a most opportune time. As the DPRK continues to engage the rest of the world, many of the challenges it now faces are multi-dimensional. They are problems and issues that require inter-sectoral collaboration and strong partnerships to overcome. A recent example that best illustrates this would be joint efforts between the two Koreas in restoring road and rail links – such an undertaking has clear implications not only for businesses in the region, but also for policymakers and academic researchers alike. Providing a platform for leaders from all sectors to come together and share their ideas, as well as engage local entrepreneurs, would be a modest step forward in driving more effective engagement not only within the DPRK, but hopefully between the DPRK and the international community.


      Our past workshops have been conducted by an impressive roster of leaders with backgrounds in management, finance, marketing, academic research and public service, and we hope to once again bring together distinguished experts from all fields in our upcoming DPRK Economic Forum. If you would like to contribute to prospective discussions and interact with local entrepreneurs in Pyongyang, kindly get in touch with us as we look forward to the DPRK Economic Forum in April!