That Jacket

Upon a recent foray into the wonders of Pyongyang's retail world, one of our workshop leaders made a purchase that has worked out well.

In her own description:

Daesong delivers a stylish autumn number with this charming burnt-orange jacket. A quality Lonsdale lining and a nifty, adjustable hood will keep you dry throughout the rainy season. Classic beige cuffs and deep, practical pockets make it a timeless piece from this "old and well-respected brand", as described by one North Korean.

Cranium not included.

Cranium not included.

A lovely orange - the same colour as Singapore's passports* - the jacket has shown no signs of fraying or losing shape in the 6 months since she purchased it, though she lives in a place that famously has four seasons and the jacket has largely not been needed this summer. So the quality seems to be sound and the cut modern - truly they kind of consumer good the DPRK is looking to make.

The jacket is made by Daesong, which may be the same company that has been wowing Korean ladies with their fashion acumen since at least 2008: that is if they are the ones that run the Daesong Precious Stones Manufacturing Factory, responsible for hairpins that were all the rage a few years ago, according to Choson Sinbo.

Would you like the chance to purchase a swanky northern Korean jacket? Consider being a volunteer for one of our workshops in 2016!


*A long-running debate amongst CE staff.