How to Figuratively Crush It

In mid-April, we quite figuratively destroyed two records during our tech entrepreneurship workshop.

The first was our attendance record for a single workshop, set at 87 last summer. For this workshop we had 103 participants. This speaks to branding: the DPRK has a bit of a tech fetish, longstanding, and a more recently pronounced interest in commerce and management. This has made it easier to reach bigger audiences

Keeping them happy is another thing, but its safe to say that with at least one person, we nailed it: the second record we figuratively obliterated was for highest individual score on our feedback form, from some anonymous student:

Note that this person took the time to increase the scale to 13, before thinking "hold on, I don't need this to go to their heads - I'll give them a 12". I guess he or she didn't think that the incredible concepts he learned were so applicable, giving a measly 8 for the next question, but that's OK.

Topics included lean start-up methods, product management and development strategies for small companies. We may have raised expectations for quality on this trip, but ours have also been raised: I suspect that from now on, whenever we review feedback, we'll feel a tinge of disappointment if we don't have any 12 out of 10s.