high-speed rail from China to North Korea-Russia border soon to be tested and debugged

China's Changjitu project continues to knit together the Northeast, providing a figurative quantum leap in the region's infrastructure. Tumen, a town that only got traffic lights 7 or 8 years ago, will have a high-speed rail station in a few months.

From: http://finance.chinanews.com/cj/2015/04-14/7205686.shtml

Date: 4.14

Yanji at Night.

Yanji at Night.

The Jilin-Tumen-Hunchun passenger rail line connecting Jilin and Hunchun will be tested and debugged in July. Hopefully this line will be opened on October. The rail line is 360 km long, with a speed of 250km/h. It comes past Jilin, Jiaohe, Dunhua, Antu, Longjin, Yanji, Tumen and Hunchun. This rail line will strengthen the transport connections between the Tumen River area and center of Jilin. Also, it will lead to further development of cross-border tourism in Yanbian and Tumen River area. Therefore it carries significant meaning in intensifying regional connections in Northeast Asia.

Translation by Wang Xingyu