Chinese News: Reopening of Cross-Border Routes

Below is a summary of a few articles in Chinese media following the official reopening of DPRK borders. Jilin province clearly has a big stake in border conditions, reflected in these stories. The prizes referenced are, apparently, real. The optimism about reviving tourism seems to be, also. 

Yanbian has been the most important point of access to visit North Korea for people from China, or even the world. After years of development, the forms of tourism now include self-driving, cycling, walking and railway, etc. On March 16, 2015, the self-driving route ofChina-North Korea border was awarded as the Specially Recommended Cross-border Route by theChina Self-Driving Conference.


Yanji, Jilin Province at night.

Yanji, Jilin Province at night.

Though in October 2014, North Korea announced that foreign tourists were banned from entering North Korea because of Ebola, recently staff from Bureau of Tourism in Jilin told a journalist from China News Service that Jilin will actively cooperate with related departments in North Korea and try to recover the tourism in full scale. Also according to the chief of the International Communication Section of the Bureau of Tourism, Tian Yunpeng, Jilin will enlarge the exploration of new projects of border trips, including more self-driving roads and sightseeing on waterways. Specifically, Jilin province will accelerate the opening up of the second China-North Korea self-driving road, from Changbai Port to Hyesan. The second cycling route, from Hunchun Shatuozi Port to North Korea will also be opened. Also the sightseeing on Tumen River will soon be under operation. Hopefully by the time the summer tourism high season comes, these new routes can be opened. (from