Oh, did you want to buy a DPRK-made car?

You did, but you don't know what model to choose? Or even what models exist?

Well, you are in luck, because we have digitized and compiled all the materials available as of this autumn, 2015.

Please click here for a reasonably sized version of the brochure (3.2MB).

The Whistle - a Pyonghwa Classic

The Whistle - a Pyonghwa Classic

This brochure is a compilation of all the promotional materials available for handout at the Pyongwha Motors Showroom on Gwangbok Street, Pyongyang, in September, 2015. Choson Exchange has no commercial relationship or interest in Pyongwha Motors - we just though you might like to see what they've got.

(We have a hi-res scan also. If you really need it, email us.)