North Korean Senior Leadership in South Korea

While the media and pundits aggressively speculate on the meaning of army chief Hwang Pyong So, and WPK Secretaries Choe Ryong Hae's and Kim Yang Gon's visit to South Korea, we want to leave you with this picture of our Women in Business program in Singapore in June.

Andray has written one year ago about how North Korea will use sports in its diplomatic outreach, and will follow up with more on the Asian Games soon. And I apologize for saying that September will be an exciting month in DPRK's foreign relations. Turns out that the excitement came a little 4 days.

North Korean female entrepreneurs doing field research on retail concepts and strategies in Singapore. Let the road to unification begin at the Samsung retail corner of a department store. Oh, and while we are on speculation, can we say that Kim Jong Un could be seeking a summit with Park Geun Hye?