A Choson Exchange Milestone

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year to all our supporters. We are glad to see our work grow so rapidly in the last few years, and it would not be possible without the amazing support of our networks. Choson Exchange will be reaching an important milestone next year. We will be opening a full-time Beijing office in January 2013, which will initially be staffed by Geoffrey See and Andray Abrahamian as the full-time team, with the continued assistance of our part-time volunteers. This will allow us to expand opportunities for young and high-potential North Koreans to attend innovative programs in business, economics and law. In addition, this will allow us to more actively support our 2013 flagship Women in Business program, which aims to support female managers and entrepreneurs in learning about business.

Geoffrey will be leaving Bain & Co., a company often mistaken as the Mitt Romney political action committee, to rejoin Choson Exchange as a full-time director. Andray will be completing his PhD and will leave his lecturing duties to join us for the exciting journey we have ahead of us.

Our Singapore office will continue to be staffed on a part-time basis, and our team will continue to make frequent trips back to Singapore for programs, to meet with partners, and to communicate with our board members.