Call for Speakers - International Financial Institutions

We are in the midst of putting together our complete roster of speakers and topics for this year's training session in Pyongyang, which is likely to be hosted at Kim Il Sung University. Our chosen topics are based partly on the survey we asked our counterparts to conduct, what we see as relevant to their economy and what we are able to deliver in a high quality manner. We do not cover all the topics they suggest to us. One of the topics we wish to include is a look at the role of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or Asian Development Bank in supporting the financial sector, and more broadly economic development. This is to introduce IFIs to North Koreans who might not be entirely familiar with the work of these organizations.

As such, we are looking for speakers who are familiar with these institutions and will be able to speak persuasively about the merits of working with the IFIs. If you know anyone with such a background, do drop us a note at