Rason Report: "The Honeymoon is Over"

"The honeymoon period is over,” was the summary of 2012 in Rason by one investor. This wasn’t meant to reflect an end to investors’ dreaminess about Rason, but of Rason’s honeymoon with itself, so to speak. With the recent legal changes, road construction and a series of meetings between high officials over the last couple years, it was imagined that big-time investments would come flooding in. Investment does continue into the SEZ, but mostly from small- and medium-sized businesses that lack truly transformative power. This does not mean, however, that development is not taking place. A key piece of infrastructure is finished, while both local administrators and foreign investors eagerly anticipate other pieces.

Choson Exchange visited Rason during the 2012 Rason International Trade Fair with Hanns Seidel Foundation to explore the potential for joint projects.

This report, while far from comprehensive, outlines the major changes (or lack thereof) that have taken place in the last year.

Here is our report from last year, upon which this year's builds.