Upcoming CE Presentations (Arizona, Poland & Germany)

Our team will be presenting at the following locations this summer on North Korea: Executive Director Andray will be in Poland and will present at the KSGSC (Korean Studies Graduate Student Conference) in Warsaw in September, 2012.

The Social Role and Media Descriptions of the Arirang Mass Games and Superbowl

This study explores the social roles of the Superbowl and North Korea’s Arirang Mass Games, while analyzing English-language media coverage of those events. This essay finds that while embedded in different cultures and patterns of state/civil society relations, both serve to support dominant social values and are very much in harmony with the interests of the state. English language media, however, affirms the role of the Superbowl, while criticizing the role of the Mass Games.

Managing Director Geoffrey will be speaking on more practical topics at the following events:

Update on recent changes in North Korea's business environment and emerging trends GRS 2012 Summer Conference Tuscon, Arizona July 27-28

Workshop on generating innovative ideas for positive change in North Korea Melton Foundation Global Citizenship Celebration Jena, Germany August 21-25

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