How North Koreans “Bold” Kim Jong Il's Name in Speech

As I communicate with North Koreans via email quite frequently, and often scan their papers to get an understanding of the policy direction in the country, I have become accustomed to how they bold Kim Il Sung’s and Kim Jong Il’s names in their written documents. I have also seen capitalization used (in English). Bolding is also used when quoting their words. However, I never thought about how they would communicate this emphasis in conversations. On an early trip last year, our team managed to learn how they did this (or at least one way they do this). A high-ranking dignitary was sent down to convey a message from Kim Jong Il to us. At one point during the meeting, the dignitary and his interpreter jumped out of their chair, stood erect, and quoted the message verbatim. At this point, I have had a full day and was too stunned to react. Seeing my confused looks, our North Korean counterpart, who was lounging lazily on his chair, waves to me to remain sitting down.