Experience North Korea. Meet the locals.

Visiting North Korea with Choson Exchange is much more than a tourist trip: Besides exploring Pyongyang, our travel groups are hosting workshops about business, finance, marketing, law, and other topics for North Koreans who are supporting positive change in their country. You will have the chance to directly work with locals during three days of teamwork, and give a talk on a business topic related to your professional experience. Our staff will help you prepare a presentation that is highly relevant and deeply inspiring for North Koreans who have extremely limited information about the outside world.

We have brought hundreds of professionals to the DPRK, who have trained thousands of North Koreans. Our programs have been featured by major media around the world. Take a look at our news section for a list of recent coverage.


We believe that education and entrepreneurship hold the power for positive change. If you want to experience North Korea while making a lasting difference, please fill out the form below. We will quickly respond with further information.