It's about people

When we tell people about the work we do at Choson Exchange, there's often surprise, curiosity, and excitement. Entrepreneurship in North Korea! What a crazy adventure! But this isn't about thrill. Ultimately, the work we do is about people: supporting ambitious North Koreans who care about their families, follow their dreams, and try to be successful in an extremely difficult environment. The programs we offer aim to help those who see opportunities and work hard to make the most of them. 

CE Volunteers have trained thousands of North Koreans — an amazing impact that would not be possible without the participation and generous donations of people like you. Next year, we hope to reach even more Koreans, share more knowledge, spark more ambition, and inspire more entrepreneurs to support positive change in the DPRK. If you see value in what we do, please consider donating 100 EUR or more to Choson Exchange. Donating 500 EUR will contribute to a business workshop in the DPRK, while 1,500 EUR is the cost of a flight for a North Korean to join one of our study programs overseas. We promise to put your contribution to exceptional use.



We allocate donations to the most impactful programs. Donors with requests to fund specific programs should contact us ahead of time to discuss details. .


We protect the privacy of your personal details. If you wish to be acknowledged as a donor publicly, please email us with your receipt, name, and contact info or indicate this during the donation process.